Parking Regulations & Permits
To apply for a Parking Permit, please contact the Association Vice-President. Also, please review
the parking regulations below.

Questions or issues? Please contact the Birnamwood HOA Vice President.
Parking Regulations:
  • Residents' vehicles are to be parked in garages.
  • Visitor parking spaces on the common grounds are for guests and residents with parking permits.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to park in driveways or by retaining walls unless marked painted lines by a retaining wall designate a guest parking space.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to park in front of garages (Fire Department access) except forbrief periods to pick up or drop off persons or materials, or for a contractor repair.
  • Vehicles shall not impede or prevent ready and safe access to guest parking spaces, residents’ garages and entryways, mailboxes, sidewalks, or stairways.
  • Private storage arrangements are to be made by residents who cannot store ALL vehicles in their garages.
  • Birnamwood Drive has a posted speed limit of 20 MPH. Ten (10) MPH or lower isadvisable for the safety of residents and guests. Parking is prohibited on Birnamwood Drive and other public streets within Burnsville between 2 A.M. and 6 A.M. (revised March 2018)
Parking Permit Eligibility Criteria:
  • Residents may APPLY TO PARK a third car in the Visitor Parking areas under the following circumstances:
         There is a resident, licensed driver for the extra vehicle (student, other resident, dependent);
         Assumed: Two vehicles in garage, three (3) licensed drivers residing in household; All vehicles must be able to fit in garage to be permit eligible for visitor parking as of July 1, 2018.
Prohibited Visitor Parking Criteria:
Vehicles prohibited from occupying VISITOR PARKING areas are:
  • Commercial vehicles (other than those providing service for a resident at the time the service is being provided).
  • Boats, campers, RVs, trailers or any other vehicle that is not a primary mode of transportation.
Permit Procedure:
  • Parking Permits will be required for residents to park additional vehicles in guest parking spaces. To apply for a parking permit please contact the Association Vice President. If there are no neighbor objections and Parking Criteria are met, a permit may be issued by the Association Vice President.
  • Permits must be renewed every six (6) months. The requesting homeowner will be responsible for submitting a permit renewal request to the Association Vice-President.
  • Contact the BHA Vice-President for more detailed information prior to parking.​
​​​​​​Birnamwood Vehicle Parking Regulations Enforcement:
  • The BHA Board of Directors (or designate) shall reserve the right to remove any vehicle, at the owner's expense, or fine the owner of the unit associated with an vehicle found in violation of the above regulations.
  • The BHA Board of Directors (or designate) shall take action, independently or in response to a complaint regarding a violation of the above regulations.
  • Towing authorized by the BHA Board of Directors will be performed, at homeowner’s expense.