Paint Standards
2014 Exterior Paint Standards

As we continue to maintain the beauty of Birnamwood Homes, Tim Gerdes, a licensed home inspector has been conducting the Home Maintenance Inspection.  He has completed the inspection of units 194-234 which will be in the first painting cycle in 2015.  The reports have been distributed to these units.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Larry Bartek, Liaison, Homes Maintenance Committee.  952-736-1121
The tables in the attached document list each unit within Birnamwood, along with its unit type.  It also stipulates the color of the exterior doors/arbor/fence/deck that need to be used when painting.
The specifications/formulas for the paint are also listed in the attached document.
NOTE: Sherwin Williams, Eagan Town Center is the only authorized paint source. Other Sherwin Williams locations and manufacturers have not delivered the product and service needed to ensure consistency needed at Birnamwood
Purchase Paint from:
Sherwin Williams Paints
Eagan Town Center
1295 Town Centre Dr
Eagan, MN, 55123-1063
(651) 454-1030
Homeowner/Resident Rules and Regulations and General Information
The HOMEOWNER IS RESPONSIBLE for all exterior maintenance and repair of
their home and the following are some of those items:
  • Bricks, loose/missing/deteriorating
  • Front entry stoop and steps (wood or cement)
  • Downspout
  • Roof
  • Garage entry apron
  • Front entry canopy
  • All decks and balconies
  • Garage door and door trim
  • Rear entry
  • Air conditioner mounting and trim
  • Front and rear privacy fences
  • Fascia and siding repair and paint/staining as required
  • Sewer lines to lateral.
PAINTING OF TOWNHOMES - Exterior inspections of homes will be the responsibility of the Homes Maintenance Committee and painting will be done, subject to review and need.