Architectural Control

Maintaining your home requires repairs and replacement of various parts of the unit’s exterior. No structure, building, addition, deck, patio, fence, wall, enclosure, window, exterior door, or any other exterior replacements, improvements, or alterations (visible from the exterior of the unit) are to be started until an application (explained at Application Forms) has been submitted and approved by the Architecture Control Committee (and the Board, depending upon the application).

It is the ACC Committee’s responsibility to work with you to make this a smooth process. To help streamline the application process the ACC has divided the Units to work with Committee Members. Please send your application or question to Katie Quay at Cedar Management ( and she will refer it to the Committee Member assigned to your Pod.

  1. ACC Committee reviews the request at their monthly meeting.
  2. The ACC Member will then contact the homeowner with updates and results. Some applications will require Board approval.

It is our belief that this process will help applicants understand the standards in our association by-laws and streamline the process of exterior improvement.

More ACC Information here

Thank you for adhering to our process!


Board Member and Committee are responsible for electric lines and pole lights, garage lights on outside of townhouses, water and sewer lines, driveways, sidewalks, steps, retaining walls and mail boxes.


Landscaping is concerned with the use of the grounds outside the units, such as plants in the ground, rocks, stones, and any other use outside the unit that comes in contact with the ground. This falls under the Grounds Committee. Landscaping in front of the unit is not covered with the ACC standards. All information pertaining to landscaping may be requested from the Grounds Committee, and planting and any modifications to the landscaping must be approved by Grounds Committee in advance.

Foundation and landscaping guidelines here

Foundation landscaping application here


Homes Maintenance

The Homes Maintenance Committee is concerned with ensuring all homes are kept in good repair. It looks for painting and deterioration of siding, chimneys, and other unit structures. Maintaining your home in good repair is not covered with the ACC standards.

Paint Standards  

More HMC Information here

Insurance, Parking, Dog Sanitation

These issues are handled by the Association Vice President. Please contact through Property Manager Katie Quay here.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee will call a new resident in Birnamwood, to schedule an informational meeting. This meeting is important as it provide new residents an opportunity to ask questions and receive important information. During these friendly visits, the new resident is given a Birnamwood directory, which is a detailed guide to living in our community. It provides information on waste and recycle collection dates, where to send monthly dues check, use of grills on decks, architectural changes, guest parking availability, pool pavilion reservations and other important information to make living in Birnamwood a wonderful experience.