The pavilion is a structure in the northwest corner of the grounds of the pool. It is elevated from the Pool deck and has kitchen facilities, refrigeration, counter space, tables and chairs, as well as ceiling fans. The walls are open, i.e. no winter usage. The pool facility closes for the Winter and opens in the Spring, and that includes the pavilion itself. 
The use by residents for themselves of the pavilion is free of charge.
If a residents wishes to hold an event in the Pavilion, a deposit must accompany a reservation form. Please also download and print and familiarize yourself with the information sheet about the use of the pavilion. Download and print the forms. Sign the Reservations Request, attach a check to it and place the request and check in the mailbox on the door of unit #193 (BHA Mailbox). Keep the other sheet as a reference to the rules below.
See the calendar below for available dates. The Calendar below is updated as reservations are approved. 
All guests must comply with the usage rules of the Pavilion. These rules are laid out below. 
The pavilion holds 45 - 50 people maximum. More guest is not fair to other pool users and is therefore discouraged. There are 6 tables and approximately 35 chairs. You may bring your own chairs and table to add more seating and table spaces. The tables and chairs around the pool are for residents first. Ask me first if you need to use them. There are 3 sets of grounded outlets behind the counter and
additional outlets around the perimeter of the pavilion. There is a sink with water. 
Birnamwood has available upon request  4 long tables  and  3 lg. ice coolers.
Charcoal grills may be placed outside the north gate near the play area.

    -  Your guests must follow all pool rules!
    -  North gate may be propped open using a rope or bungie card but must be watched for small children
    entering without an adult.
    -  Decorations may be taped or stapled up but everything must be removed before you leave. The
    pavilion must be cleaned and vacated by 10:00 p.m.
    -  Trash must be plsced in your own bags, tied, and deposited in the large gray container.
    -  Empty bottles and cans must be placed in the blue recycling container.
    -  Groups over 20 are responsible for their own trash disposal.
    -  Pavilion users may close off the entire pool for their exclusive use.
    -  Towels and other articles should be left in the pavilion when swimming. If the pool is crowded,
    residents have 1st claim on the lounges, chairs and tables.
    -  If you have reserved the pavilion and someone has put their belongings in the pavilion, you may these
    items. Reservations have priority in pavilion usage.
    -  Parking: Guests may park on the ring road. Guests should not park in the parking spots on the north
    side of the pool. These parking spots are for use of residents in the adjacent townhomes.
    -  Music is ok but at a reasonable sound level. You may be asked to turn it down anyway. No speakers
    are allowed in the pavilion or the pool area, please!
    -  Guests may use the game court and playground. Some have put up volley ball nets there.
    -  Guests must follow all the posted pool rules.