Architectural (ACC)
Dennis Williams  -  Board Liaison, Architectural Control Committee (ACC) 2017-2018
Unit 107  •  952-426-3786  •

Maintaining your home requires repairs and replacement of various parts of the unit’s exterior. No structure, building, addition, deck, patio, fence, wall, enclosure, window, exterior door, or any other exterior replacements, improvements, or alterations (visible from the exterior of the unit) are to be started until an application (explained at Application Forms) has been submitted and approved by the Architecture Control Committee (and the Board, depending upon the application).

It is the ACC Committee’s responsibility to work with you to make this a smooth process. To help streamline the application process the ACC has divided the Units to work with Committee Members as indicated below:


 Units  Name  Email
 Units 10-43
 Units 44-50
 Units 51-88
 Units 89-121
 Units 122-126
 Units 127-153
 Units 154-172
 Units 173-202
 Units 203-234
 Amy Czechowicz 
 Jan Stephens
 Terri Tharp
 Jan Stephens
 Donna Glasrud
 Karen Stuart
  1. Homeowners will send the online application to the ACC Committee Member who is covering their unit.
  2. ACC Committee reviews the request at their monthly meeting.
  3. The ACC Member will then contact the homeowner with updates and results. Some applications will require Board approval.
It is our belief that this process will help applicants understand the standards in our association by-laws and streamline the process of exterior improvement.
Thank you for adhering to our process!