ACC Information
Purpose: The Architecture Control Committee (ACC) maintains, manages, and rvalueecommends changes to the architecture and paint standards set forth in the Birnamwood Homes Association (BHA) founding and governing documents.

ACC vs. Homes Maintenance versus Grounds: BHA has three related committees, the ACC, the Grounds Committee, and the Homes Maintenance Committee.  Their descriptions are listed below:

Homes Maintenance Committee: Maintaining your home in good repair is not covered by the ACC standards. The Homes Maintenance Committee is concerned with ensuring all homes are kept in good repair. It looks for painting and deterioration of siding, chimneys, and other unit structures.

Architecture Control Committee (ACC): Maintaining your home requires repairs and replacement of various parts of the unit's exterior. No structure, building, addition, deck, patio, fence, wall, enclosure, window, exterior door, or any other exterior replacements, improvements, or alterations (visible from the exterior of the unit) are to be started until an application has been submitted and approved by the Architecture Control Committee.


ACC Guiding Values:

Engagement: Having a two-way communication flow that enables homeowners and the ACC to understand circumstances, but act in the best interest of the Birnamwood Homes Association (BHA).

Education: Giving homeowners access to relevant, timely information through various means (such as instruc­tional material and videos) that enable them to make informed choices for their homes.

Evaluation: Being open to, and appropriately react to, feedback on new technologies, regulations, and circumstances that may necessitate additions, deletions, and changes to the Architecture Control Standards.

Equality: Having all homeowners being treated equally, with no favoritism shown from one person or home to another.

Enhancement: Promoting the increased value of all homes, and avoiding any home’s architecture from reducing the value of another.

Ensurence: Doing our best to maintain a secure and safe environment for all residents and visitors.