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Birnamwood Homes Exterior Paint
Please be careful to use the formulation that is specified in the chart here. Other formulations may look similar (in the store) but will not match the specifications, and will cause you to have to redo work, expense and hassle.
Recently a homeowner used a 2013 paint can formulation and it simply did not match! Also make sure to use the Sherwin Williams store in Lakeville. For the details click here, please.


Residents Directory Available
•    RESIDENTS DIRECTORY  available in HOMEOWNERS INFO > RESIDENTS ONLY section of the Website  (Requires Login).


Trades Directory Available
•  The  TRADES DIRECTORY is available in HOMEOWNERS INFO > RESIDENTS ONLY section of the Website  (Requires Login).


Recycling and Waste Collection
The Buckingham Companies collect our waste and recycled bins. Collection day is Wednesday. Recycles are collected (from the yellow-lid bins) every other Wednesday.
Please do not roll out the waste bins BEFORE 6pm on the night before collection. To ease the access for the collection trucks, please place the bins at least 3 feet away from your garage wall, and at least 3 feet apart from each other.    
Collection Days Calendar.
Buckingham is closed on certain holidays. When the holiday occurs on collection week, the collection will be delayed to the next day (i.e. Thursday). See days highlighted in yellow in the schedule here.

ACC Applications
About the Home Improvement Committees

Purpose: The Architecture Control Committee (ACC) maintains, manages, and recommends changes to the architecture and paint standards set forth in the Birnamwood Homes Association (BHA) founding and governing documents.

ACC versus Homes Maintenance versus Grounds: BHA has three related committees, the ACC, the Grounds Committee, and the Homes Maintenance Committee.  Their descriptions are listed below:
  • Homes Maintenance Committee: Maintaining your home in good repair is not covered with the ACC standards. Homes Maintenance is concerned with ensuring all homes are kept in good repair.  It looks for painting and deterioration of siding, chimneys, and other unit structures.
  • Architecture Control Committee: Maintaining your home requires repairs and replacement of various parts of the unit’s exterior.  No structure, building, addition, deck, patio, fence, wall, enclosure, window, exterior door, or any other exterior replacements, improvements, or alterations (visible from the exterior of the unit) are to be started until an application (explained at Application Forms link below) has been submitted and approved by the Architecture Control Committee (and the Board, depending upon the application).
  • Grounds Committee Landscaping in front of the unit is not covered with the ACC standards. Landscaping is concerned with the use of the grounds outside the units, such as plants in the ground, rocks, stones, and any other use outside the unit that comes in contact with the ground. This falls under the Grounds Committee.  All information pertaining to landscaping may be requested from the Grounds Committee, and approval of planting and any modifications to the landscaping must be approved by Grounds Committee. (Grounds Committee link below)
ACC Guiding Values: The ACC has adopted a set of values, and will use them in enforcing, evaluating, maintaining, and recommending changes to the standards (Value Statements Page link below).


Birnamwood Website Account

To access the RESIDENT ONLY section of the website you need an account (username and password). To create and account use the REGISTER link on the website and fill up the form on the screen.

• "DIRECTORY OPTIONS": Select NO for all the questions

• "YOUR INFORMATION": Please provide your first name, last name, email (this will be your username later to login to the website), unit number only (we know the street name), area code and home phone, work number and cell number are optional but don't forget the area codes!, ignore the rest

• "SECOND RESIDENT'S INFORMATION": You can enter here info for another resident in your home, or they can create their OWN login

• "CHILDREN'S INFORMATION": Please skip this entire block!

• "OTHER DETAILS": Type the fancy letters you see ("verification code") into the box


Click "Submit". The system will generate and send a password to the email you provided. Now you can LOGIN into the website to access the RESIDENTS ONLY information.

Burnsville Weather

Beautiful Birnamwood
Picture taken in October 2020's snow by Amy Trottier
Published with Permission by Amy Trottier

Need Help?
General Issues about homes or insurance: 
  ⇨ Contact 
     Katie Quay, Property Manager 
     Cedar Management
     Phone  612-386-6715
     Email  kquay@cedarmanagement.com

Pavilion Reservation? - 
    Pool and Pavilion OPENED on XXXXXXXXXXXX! 
  ⇨ Please email MARY MERTZ at mertzie_mm@hotmail.com or call 952-736-3514 with your name, unit number, phone, email and desired date. You may also leave a note in the mailbox at unit 193 with the same info.

Parking / Dog Sanitation
  Contact BHA Vice President

BHA Evidence of Property Insurance
Click here to view and download Evidence of Property Insurance form 

BHA Board Meetings
Birnamwood Homeowner Association (BHA) Board meetings are open to all residents. (Exception: The last part of the meeting is usually a closed session.)
When:  Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm (No meeting in January and February)
Where:  Currently: via GoToMeeting. Please contact PRESIDENT for more details

Monthly Association Dues
Monthly Association Dues are due the 1st of each month.
Payments should be sent to the address
as provided in the letter from Cedar Management. 

Birnamwood Homes Association
c/o Cedar Management

(612) 386-6715 or kquay@cedarmanagement.com

   Upcoming Events   
No Events at this time.

Birnamwood Area Map
Problems viewing or printing? Try this link (displays a PDF file).

Around Town
City Information:
• Emergency Call 911
• Police Non-Emergency 952-895-4600
• Fire Dept. Non-Emergency 952-895-4570
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