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Birnamwood Homes Exterior Paint
Please be careful to use the formulation that is specified in the chart here. Other formulations may look similar (in the store) but will not match the specifications, and will cause you to have to redo work, expense and hassle.
Recently a homeowner used a 2013 paint can formulation and it simply did not match! Also make sure to use the Sherwin Williams store in Lakeville. For the details click here, please.


2019 Trash & Recycle Collection Schedule
The 2019 Trash & Recycle Collection schedule posted. Click to see/print


Residents Directory Posted
•    RESIDENTS DIRECTORY  available in HOMEOWNERS INFO > RESIDENTS ONLY section of the Website  (Requires Login).


Trades Directory Posted
•  The new TRADES DIRECTORY is now available on the Website. You must login (and a one-time registration is required!) to access the directory online. Once logged in, click on Homeowner Info on the left column, and scroll to RESIDENTS ONLY. If you are not logged in, you'll be prompted to do so.


Recycling and Waste Collection
PLEASE NOTE:  Improper placement of waste and recyclables bins by the garages prevents the speedy collection. The vendor provided guidance on what is proper and improper placement of the bins outside the garages. See below.



You may find that the snow plowing crews moved your bins to facilitate plowing. In that case PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO MOVE the bins back to the PROPER location so the waste collection may take place. The waste collection crews canNOT stop to move the bins for you.

ACC Applications
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   Upcoming Events   
No Events at this time.

Monthly Association Dues
Due the 1st of each month. Make payments to:

Birnamwood Homes Association

14525 Highway Seven, Suite 335
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Main Phone: 952-934-8405
Contact Larry Direct: 952-681-7029
Contact Katie Direct: 952-681-7712 or katie@lordancamp.com

Need Help?
Pavilion Reservation? Good News - 
    Pool and Pavilion OPENED June 21! 
Please email MARY MERTZ at mertzie_mm@hotmail.com or call 952-736-3514 with your name, unit number, phone, email and the desired date. You may also leave a note in the mailbox at unit 193 with the same info.
Parking / Insurance / Dogs Sanitation
Contact Vice President (see here)
Need an account on the website?

Click on REGISTER link, top right of this page, and follow the directions below.

In the form on the screen do this: 

 In the 1st block  click NO on all questions .

 In the 2nd block  enter your first name,  last name,  email (REQUIRED it is your "username" and the system communicates to this email address),  unit number (we know your street...,  home phone (with area code please, so we can find you fast in an emergency),  work number and cell number are optional (don't forget area codes!) - IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE in the 2nd block.

 In the 3rd block  you can enter info for another resident in your home, or have them create their OWN registration.

 In the 4th block  skip everything else.

 In the last block  type into the box the fancy letters you see ("verification code").

 Press SUBMIT.   The system will respond in due time with a password (and remember the email address you provided is you username.) 

Now you can click on LOGIN link and use the username and password you received.


BHA Board Meetings
Birnamwood Homeowner Association (BHA) Board meetings are open to all residents. (Exception: The last part of the meeting is closed session.)
When:  Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm (No meeting in January and February)
Where:  Burnsville City Hall,  100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, MN 55337

Birnamwood Area Map
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Around Town
City Information:
• Emergency Call 911
• Police Non-Emergency 952-895-4600
• Fire Dept. Non-Emergency 952-895-4570
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