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BHA Board Meeting
The next Board Meeting of BHA is scheduled for February 21, 2023.  Start time is 6:30pm.  Zoom will be used.  View Agenda here.


Newly Revised POOL Rules and Regulations - PLEASE REVIEW

Please check and familiarize yourself and your guests with the newly revised Pool Rules and Regulations  [pdf]



Birnamwood Homes Exterior Paint
Please be careful to use the formulation that is specified in the chart here. Other formulations may look similar (in the store) but will not match the specifications, and will cause you to have to redo work, expense and hassle.

BHA Documents Access

BHA is testing an alternative method to provide access to documents that residents may need to reference. The same documents are accessible using the menus structure on the website, but this can sometimes be frustrating. 

In this alternative, the documents are located in a repository (collection), using Google Drive. Each document is a file. When you click here you will see the list of files. Find the desired document and Click on it to display it on your computer screen or smarphone.

If you experience problems accessing the files, please let Mike Berger (BHA President) know what the trouble was so it can be fixed to improve the tool!


Recycling and Waste Collection

The Buckingham Companies Service collects waste and recycled items on Wednesday of each week.

To ease the access for the collection trucks, please place the bins at least 3 feet away from the building, and at least 3 feet apart from each other.

HOLIDAYS SCHEDULE In 2022, Buckingham will delay the collection by ONE DAY for these holidays:

Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 30, 2022, and the collection will take place on the following Thursday

4th of July falls on Monday, July 4, 2022, and the collection will take place on the following Thursday

Labor Day falls on Monday, September 5, 2022, and the collection will take place on the following Thursday

Please roll out the waste bins AFTER 6pm on the preceding Tuesday.

BHA Board Meetings
Birnamwood Homeowner Association (BHA) Board meetings are open to all residents. (Exception: The last part of the meeting is usually a closed session.)      
Current Meeting Agenda    (A placeholder page indicates the Agenda is not available yet.)
•  When:  Third Tuesday of each month, 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Except in January and February)
•  Where:  Via Zoom, please contact Katie Quay for more details and link.
•  Minutes of the meetings and financial reports are available on Cedar Management website, please contact Katie Quay for more details and access.

Walk Safely On The LEFT SIDE of the Road

It is the law in Minnesota, and walking on the LEFT side of the road - FACING THE ONCOMING TRAFFIC - is just SAFER!

The quote from this website speaks for itself:  "... Simply walking against traffic instead of with it, cut the risk of getting hit by a car by an average of 77 percent, according to the findings."
2020 Minnesota Statutes TRANSPORTATION Chapter 169 Section 169.21 states:

Subd. 5. Walk on left side of roadway. Pedestrians when walking or moving in a wheelchair along a roadway shall, when practicable, walk or move on the left side of the roadway or its shoulder giving way to oncoming traffic. Where sidewalks are provided and are accessible and usable it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk or move in a wheelchair along and upon an adjacent roadway.


Upcoming Events
BHA Board Meeting Tuesday, Februsry 21 at 6:30pm via ZOOM
Saturday, January 14th to Wednesday, February 22nd
The next Board Meeting of BHA is scheduled for February 21, 2023.  Start time is 6:30pm.  Zoom will be used.  View Agenda here.

Need Help?
  • General Issues about homes, insurance, or parking - contact:
        Katie Quay, Property Manager 
        Cedar Management
        Phone  612-750-4237
        Email  kquay@cedarmanagement.com
  • Evidence of Property Insurance Form: click here.
  • Monthly Association Fees are due on the 1st of each month. Payments should be sent to the address as provided in the letter from Cedar Management. Questions: Katie Quay at 612-750-4237 or by email kquay@cedarmanagement.com
  • Cedar Management Information - if you need info about the payments you make to the association, track them, or understand what the payments include, please look for it in CEDAR MANAGEMENT's website https://www.cedarmanagement.com/. Use the HOMEOWNER tab, and select the SIGN IN option. Login information was provided to EACH resident by Cedar Management, along with account number and password. If you need this information, please contact Katie Quay.

Birnamwood Area Map

Website Account

The RESIDENT ONLY section of the website contains important and useful information. A registration for an account is required. Please click the REGISTER link. Use the guide below to fill the sections in the form:

• "DIRECTORY OPTIONS": Select NO for all the questions

• "YOUR INFORMATION": Please provide first name, last name, email (it is your username to login once the account is registered), unit number only (we know "Birnamwood Drive" is the street name!), area code and home phone, work number and cell number are optional but don't forget the area codes! SKIP the rest in this section

• "SECOND RESIDENT'S INFORMATION": Enter here info for another resident in your home, or they can create their OWN login

• "CHILDREN'S INFORMATION": Please SKIP this entire section!

• "OTHER DETAILS": Type the fancy letters you see ("verification code") into the box

Click "Submit". The system will generate and send a password to the email you provided. Now you can LOGIN into the website to access the RESIDENTS ONLY information.

Around Town
City Information:
• Emergency Call 911
• Police Non-Emergency 952-895-4600
• Fire Dept. Non-Emergency 952-895-4570
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