The Roofing Proposal asks everyone to contribute to upgrade our community's roofs. Our roofs are not adequately protected right now with 2/3 ready for a re-roof. Insurance providers are aware of our community's bad roofs and are walking away, and we're getting questions about our roofing plans from realtors whose prospective buyers have concerns.
Architectural shingles will better protect our homes, but they require homeowners to re-roof together because the City does not permit interweaving of architectural with older 3-tab on any connected roofs. With 80% of our homes having connected roofs, the roofing plan involves a 2-year timetable for upgrading our entire community.
The roofing proposal would upgrade Birnamwood roofs with quality materials, a transferable warranty, and ongoing maintenance by BHA to ensure roof integrity long term. The BHA maintenance obligation would allow BHA to negotiate for economy of scale pricing for our large-scale project with a superior, transferable warranty that guarantees the use of high-quality roofing products.
To accomplish this, all homeowners are asked to contribute to the shared costs and share in the community benefits. Those with old roofs will get new roofs at a lower cost than they'd get on their own based on the economy of scale discounts we'll receive with our large project. Those with newer roofs are asked to upgrade to allow their connected neighbors to get the roofs they badly need, and they'll be compensated for the life that remained in their existing roofs.
The entire community will benefit from roofs that better protect our community from storms damage, position us for competitive insurance premiums, boost home aesthetics, values and marketability - as today's prospective buyers are looking for less maintenance.
This plan asks everyone to share in the costs and the overall community benefits. We hope you will carefully consider the proposal, and be sure to vote.

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Driveways Repair and Seal Coating
23 September 2018
Please be aware that the SEAL COATING PROJECT OF OUR DRIVEWAYS was deferred until Spring 2019. The weather forecast indicated we will not have sufficient dry days with sunshine to allow full curing of the seal coat.
Driveway Project Starts Next Week SEPTEMBER 1!
Komo Inc. will be on-site to repair asphalt around manholes and drains in our driveways where  necessary. Please drive slowly and carefully near work crews and near work areas. Driveway areas  requiring patching will be repaired as well - these areas will be marked by PINK LINES.
Areas that were repaired will be roped off and you CANNOT DRIVE ON THEM until the barriers are  removed.
Lastly, Seal Coat will be laid down throughout the community and the newly coates areas will be roped off. You CANNOT DRIVE on the fresh Seal Coat for AT LEAST 2-3 days, depending on the weather. The duration of this part of the project is  throughout September. The coating work will be staggered around the community.
This means that you must park on the Ring Road when your driveway is coated. Burnsville Police was advised, and they will increase the patrols of our area during the project duration. The Post office will hold the mail while your driveway is restricted during the coating process, and deliver it thereafter. (If you must get the mail, the Post Office will hold it for you in the PO branch.) During the days when driveway access is restricted, you must push the trash and recycling bins to the Ring Road. Use one side of the road for parking and the opposite side for trash bins placement, the haulers will not likely sneak in among parked cars to get your bins!
Komo Inc. will post a notice on garage door(s) of an upcoming seal coating for your pod a day or two in advance. If you want to use your car during the following 2-3 days, park it on the Ring Road BEFORE 7:00am of the day when the work on your pod begins.
SPECIAL NOTICE FOR PERSONS WITH MOBILITY DIFFICULTIES:  Please plan EARLY what and how you will manage the restricted accessibility during the 2-3 days of access restriction.
If you have any questions now, or run into any issues during construction, please call Bruce Dahlen at  507-271-6228.
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Recycling and Waste Collection
PLEASE NOTE:  Improper placement of waste and recyclables bins by the garages prevents the speedy collection. The vendor provided guidance on what is proper and improper placement of the bins outside the garages. See below.
You may find that the snow plowing crews moved your bins to facilitate plowing. In that case PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO MOVE the bins back to the PROPER location so the waste collection may take place. The waste collection crews canNOT stop to move the bins for you.



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